Paper Houses Across the Border


We need your help and we need it right now. There is a lot of work behind the scenes that makes surgery, chemotherapy, shelters, free meals at school and all of our work possible. The reason you ended up on this page may be that you are the answer to some child's prayer. Parents of the children often express wonder that complete strangers helped their child. They ask how this is possible and I think we know the real answer. Here is what we need today.

Spanish Teachers - Two elementary schools are very interested in exchanging letters with American children that are studying Spanish. The idea is that the children exchange letters in their native language. This provides all of the children with opportunities to put their lessons to practical use and to exchange ideas and cultural experiences. (e-mail us about possibly helping)

Editors - We need people to edit our documents and website. We will send MS Office documents that we use on websites and in newsletters to you via e-mail. You proof read and edit the documents and return them via e-mail. (e-mail us about possibly helping)

Spanish Translators - Translate our documents into Spanish. We want a Spanish version of our website and we want Spanish versions of our newsletters and other documents. We need your help and this can all be done via e-mail! (e-mail us about possibly helping)

Photo Editors - Our photos need editing, tags and descriptions. We e-mail. the photos, you edit, tag and describe them - send them back by e-mail. (e-mail us about possibly helping)

Cheers! We need people to host small gatherings of friends in their homes to discuss Paper Houses. We provide copies of video and Power Point Shows and you provide an interesting evening. (e-mail us about possibly helping)

Yard Sales! Rummage Sales! - Host a yard sale or perhaps a rummage sale at your church to benefit Paper Houses. We provide photos and pamphlets. Here is the 'secret' result. Often a visitor at these sales looks at a brochure and visits our website. Some become lifetime donors and your effort helps thousands of children - even if you don't sell a thing. :) (e-mail us about possibly helping)

Dinner and a Movie! Can your church or group host a yearly dinner and a movie? Think about it. A Mexican Dinner (or even a fish fry) can raise not only money, but awareness. We supply the dinner and if your want, a speaker like Bob. (e-mail us about possibly helping)

Invite Us! We love to speak at churches, events and businesses. We love to speak at clubs and charities. There is no cost to you and we have photo displays, Power Point Shows, videos and other aids to make the experience exciting. Topics focus on different aspects of Paper Houses Across the Border and the colonias - including: Facts and Fallacies of the Colonias, How Small Donations Transform the World, Immigration, the Cartels, the Impact of the Media - How the media helps the cartels, and Charity by Walking Around. (e-mail us about possibly helping)


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One person can change not only a life, but generations to come.


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